Rear Accessories

Our collection of rear accessories consists of high-quality products such as rear double layer / double pipe / single pip / pintle style bumper guard parking,  towing hitch receiver, hitch step, and related towing accessories.

These items are typically mounted on the rear chassis / structural frame, where pre-existing mounting holes are available. During installation, it may be necessary to temporarily remove the muffler hook / hinge holder prior to installing most bracket kit. 

If your vehicle has parking sensors, we recommend that you carefully inspect the compatibility of the accessory. Turning off the rear parking sensors may be necessary to prevent the alerts from being triggered. 

Rear Double Layer

Broadfeet® Rear Back Trunk Cover Double Layer Bumper Guard Parking Protector Stainless Steel Metal Matte Black Powder Coat

Rear Single Pipe: Pintle Style

Rear Single Pipe - Wrap Around

Rear Double Pipe - Paper Clip

Rear Double Pipe - Shade

Rear Access Step - HD Design