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Auto Window Tinting – Tint Film – 60″ x 100 ft. Roll


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Broadfeet® Auto Window Tinting Film – 60″ x 100 ft. Whole Entire Roll
Dimension: 1.52 x 30 meter

Available in Carbon and Nano Ceramic:

 Carbon Window Tint
Available in 5% / 20% / 35% / 50%
 Nano Ceramic Tint
 Available in 20% / 35% / 50%
 Composition  Carbon window tints are made using a layer of   carbon, which helps in blocking out infrared light.
 Utilizes ceramic particles, which are nonconductive, to   block sunlight.
 UV Protection  Offers significant protection against harmful UV   rays, which can protect the car’s interior from   fading and also protect your skin.
 Provides top-notch UV protection, often blocking up to   99% of harmful UV rays.
 Infrared Rejection  Blocks a good amount of infrared rays, reducing   the heat that enters the car.
 Excellent at rejecting a large percentage of infrared   rays, offering superior heat reduction capabilities.
 Color  Has a dark, matte finish that can give cars a sleek   appearance without the reflective quality that   some other films have.
 Typically comes in a variety of shades, from light to   dark, and doesn’t have a reflective or shiny   appearance, ensuring clear visibility.
 Signal Interference  N/A
 One of the primary advantages of ceramic tints is that   they don’t interfere with electronic devices inside the   vehicle, like radio, GPS, and cell phones.
 Durability  No Fade: Unlike dyed window tint, carbon tints   won’t fade over time due to the sun.
 Extremely durable and can resist scratches and small   damages better than other types.
 Cost  Generally, more expensive than dyed or metallic   tints but can be more affordable than certain   high-end ceramic tints.
 Often on the higher end of the price spectrum due to   its advanced technology and superior benefits.
 Starting Price   $250.00   $450.00

Discover perfection in every inch of Broadfeet’s top-of-the-line auto window tinting film. Precision-engineered for the modern automotive professional, our 60″ x 100 ft. entire roll offers exceptional value for high volume usage.

Key Features:

  • Superior Clarity: Our premium tint film ensures sharp, crystal-clear views from the inside while granting optimal privacy from the outside.
  • Superior Clarity: Our premium tint film ensures sharp, crystal-clear views from the inside while granting optimal privacy from the outside.
  • Durable Performance: Manufactured with cutting-edge technology, the Broadfeet tint film guarantees resistance against fading, peeling, and bubbling, ensuring a sleek finish for years.
  • Advanced UV Protection: Shield your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays, preventing upholstery fade and reducing the inside temperature. Drive with comfort, knowing you’re protected.
  • Effortless Application: Designed for professionals, our film seamlessly adheres to windows with minimal fuss. Enjoy a bubble-free installation every time.
  • Wholesale Value: Ideal for automotive shops and service centers. The expansive 60″ x 100 ft. roll ensures you never run short during those high-demand periods.
    Why Broadfeet®?

At Broadfeet®, we’re committed to excellence. We understand the intricacies of the automotive industry, ensuring every product we offer meets the rigorous demands of professionals. Our auto window tinting film roll is a testament to our promise of quality and dedication to superior performance.

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Stay ahead of the competition by offering your clients the unparalleled quality of Broadfeet® Auto Window Tinting. Whether you’re tinting a family SUV or a fleet of luxury cars, our film roll guarantees satisfaction at unbeatable value.

Returns will not be accepted for this product, especially when the package is open and used.


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Carbon VLT 5%, Carbon VLT 20%, Carbon VLT 35%, Carbon VLT 50%, Nano Ceramic VLT 20%, Nano Ceramic VLT 35%, Nano Ceramic VLT 50%


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