About Us

Broadfeet Motorsports Equipment produces state-of-the-art Automotive Parts, Exterior and Interior Accessories, and related products which are provided at multiple levels of distribution throughout the continental U.S.

We are focused on expanding through the utilization of niche Warehouse Distributors across the country. Our Distributors offer quality parts and innovative accessories with a high growth potential. By leveraging unique relationships with manufacturers in China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, we are able to meet those needs and supply top quality products at high volumes with ultra-low cost margins.

Broadfeet® is dedicated to providing cost-effective products so that our major parts distributors, who are seeking an edge in today’s highly competitive automotive environment, can have an advantage in today’s marketplace.

At our core, Broadfeet Motorsports Equipment is a young company full of ideas, revolutionizing and discovering new products for today’s SUVs and CUVs. We strive every day to maintain a distinctive and attractive brand in the products we so beautifully design. We hold our expectations high in turn for a higher goal in becoming an industry leader in today’s automotive industry.

Our success depends on outstanding customer service and technical support. We try our best to keep our philosophy of product quality at its highest. We believe working hand in hand with our customers is a building block and essential part of that very philosophy. Our research and development team values the input received from not only our warehouse distributors but you, our valued customers, and that in turn makes us grateful that we are still in this business after 10+ years.

We value your business, and on behalf of the entire Broadfeet Staff, THANK YOU!

Broadfeet Management Staff.

A Walk-Through of Broadfeet