One of the most popular SUV under $70,000 this year is the Mercedes Benz GLE. A mid-size luxury vehicle that is available in COUPE and SUV Model. In most aspect, the GLE is a well-rounded and admirable automotive. However, most dealership and even the factory itself does not make the running board application standard across all models. Broadfeet Motorsport Equipment, carries 5″ aluminum framed running boards all the following GLE generation:

2016-2019 GLE COUPE – MB-394 | SKU: SBMB-394-74
2020-2022 GLE COUPE – MB-400 | SKU: SBMB-400-74 | SKU: SBMB-400-74-LED
2016-2018 GLE SUV – MB-392 | SKU: SBMB-392-74
2020-2022 GLE SUV – MB-393 | SKU: SBMB-393-74 | SKU: SBMB-393-74-LED

Note: these model numbers are to be used within Broadfeet branded products.

How to install running boards for Mercedes Benz GLE?
1. Remove the original-factory side rocker panel and keep all the original-factory bolts and mounting hardware from the removal aside. It will be required to reuse these parts towards the end of the installation procedure. 
2. Install the inner lining of the running board by aligning the frame to the same mounting point from the removal procedure of the original-factory side rocker panel. 
3. Once the inner lining is secured, begin by clipping the outer lining / frame.
4. Complete the installation by retightening the remainder of the original-factory bolts. 

How long does it take to install running boards on GLE?
The installation procedure is estimated to take between 3-4 hours from the removal of the rocker panel / side skirt to installing the aftermarket running board side steps.