What is the Honda CR-V similar to? The compact crossover Honda CR-V CRV is a competitive SUV in today’s market that is similar to Acura RDX, Toyota RAV4 RAV-4, Mazda CX-5 CX5, Nissan Rogue, Hyundai Santa Fe, Lexus RX350 and Subaru Outback. To keep up with such a brilliant vehicle, Broadfeet Motorsport Equipment has designed and launched multiple aftermarket automotive parts to help CR-V CRV owners style and customize their vehicle to be different and standout from the crowd. The amount of accessories for the front and rear bumper is almost endless with most part models available in Silver – Chrome (Stainless Steel) and Black Powder Coat (Steel Metal).

Why should you install aftermarket push / bull / nudge / parking guards? Consumers are using these bumper guards in stressful metropolitan areas where bumper to bumper scenarios are abundant. To adapt to such chaotic lifestyle, Broadfeet’s bumper guard are combating tight parking situations while maintaining the elegance and original design of each vehicle. Adding a bumper guard today to your CUV or SUV or Truck will only enhance the look of your drive.

Is it difficult to install bumpers guards? Is it easy to install running boards? The installation of these parts are fairy simple and straight to the point. The most important is to identify the mounting holes on the chassis frame. This will sometimes require removing the plastic under carriage skid shield / splash guard by removing the panel push pin. Once the plastic splash guard is removed, utilize the mounting brackets provided in Broadfeet’s mounting bracket kit to secure the part onto the chassis frame. When the bracket kit is secured, trimming on the plastic guard will be necessary to allow clearance for the bracket kit to reveal itself. To finish the installation process, align and secure the bumper guard or running board onto the bracket kit. With this general understanding of the installation procedure, it is to note these parts are not complicated and direct to the point.


Front bumper guards consist of:

2.5″ Bull Bar with Skid Plate – DWHO-283-32-WD Black Powder Coat / DWHO-283-33-WD Stainless Steel

2.5″ Nudge A-Bar Bar, Wide Design with Contour in the Middle

Front Runner – Mustache Bar

Front Runner – EuroTech Bar

Front Runner – WAAG Style

Rear bumper guards consist of:

Rear Double Layer

Rear Double Pipe

Running boards / Side step pad bars consist of:

R11 Series

R22 Series

R66 Series with LED Light

R66 Series without LED Light

Which year Honda CR-V CRV is compatible with each other? 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 Honda CRV are part of the same generation, allowing the parts to be interchangeable and utilizing the same bracket kit.