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Stainless Steel Rear Bumper Guards By Broadfeet Motorsports Equipment®. A Rear Bumper Guard That Carries A Combination Of Utility And Quality To Protect The Rear End Of Your Vehicle. From Dents Dings And Scratches. A Product That Can Make It Look Beefy Yet Elegant. Available In A Powerful Stainless Steel Mirror Finish. Broadfeet Motorsport Equipment Rear Bumper Guards Deliver Maximum Protection To The Rear End Of Your Suv Or Cuv And Add That Stylish Protected Look To It. This Stainless Rear Bumper Guard Will Surely Look Great. All Stainless Steel Products Are Backed By An Industry Standard Limited Lifetime Warranty. Warranties Covers Rust Corrosion And Any Defects In Craftsmanship. You�ll Be Sure To Enjoy A Broadfeet Rear Bumper Guard On Your Next Vehicle.

Weight: 15lb/s

Dimensions: 30X24X3 (inches)

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